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The most common question I get asked in interviews, and over dinner with friends, is how did I get into cycling. It seems people understand the path into football and rugby but in the UK cycling is a bit of a mystery.

From a young age my parents encouraged me to do all sports, and with dyslexia I definitely preferred the sports field to the classroom. I got into cycling through an interest in triathlons. Wanting to improve the cycling aspect I started riding more. I was hooked. My first races were around Milton Keynes Bowl on my mum’s city bike. 

I will never forget my first race bike, a white Peugeot with STI levers. I loved it. When I was first starting out I enjoyed competing in all aspects of cycling, from time trials to cross county mountain biking and cyclo cross, just to keep me busy and on my bike in the Winter.

The biggest influence on my young cycling career was Bob Varney. He ran Team Keyne, a local youth cycling team, and the Mobile Youth Challenge, organising small races and skills building. Bob took me to some races at Hillingdon and Eastway in London. This is where I fell in love with the sport; I’ve never looked back. The real introduction to the world of cycling and its scale in Europe came from a summer spent in Holland racing for a Dutch junior team when I was 16. My hard work and results paid off, that year I was asked to join the British Cycling Endurance Academy. This was my opportunity to make my passion my career.